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Quick Patch

Quick Patch is an instant repair pre-mix for permanent repair of pot holes, cracks, depressions on the roads, it is ideally designed to withstand extreme temperatures and heavy traffic conditions, Quick Patch cold mix consists of nominal aggregate size of 9.5mm down size. Quick Patch incorporates specialty additives that impart unique performance properties to the mix.

Features & Advantages of Quick Patch

Advantages & Benefits of Quick Patch

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In making cost comparison between Quick Patch and conventional hot and cold patch materials, it is a mistake to simply compare tonne for tonne. It is necessary to make on overall comparison taking into account equipment involved (jack hammer, compressor, truck, roller, traffic lights) wastage of material, man hours, durability of repairs, and traffic hole ups. Only then can accurate cost assessment be reached.

It has been shown that a substantial cost saving can be achieved using Quick Patch in preference to conventional methods.



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