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Colour Bitumen

Choosing QBPL Bitumen gives you the comfort that your projects will be based on one of the best solutions in the industry for coloured needs with the result that your end users and stakeholders notice the difference between your coloured projects and those done with traditional black asphalt or other traditional paving materials.

Coloured pavements are being used more and more frequently in the modern urban development – and with good reason. They offers a wide range of benefits to everyone involved, from designers and architects, to builders and local authorities, and, most importantly, the public.

How is coloured asphalt produced?

The laying process for coloured asphalt mixtures is very similar to that for conventional hot mix asphalt. The production of a coloured asphalt mixture requires a mixing plant that is equipped with a separate feed system for the clear binder. The mixing plant should also include precision washing equipment for the feed system and the mixer and make sure that the whole system is clean from residues of normal black bitumen before starting mixing operations.

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